Franco Sarto

Behind The Name

You may meet a well-spoken gentleman on the streets of Venice, or in a Midtown Manhattan café. This gentleman may talk about the long lost art of conversation; pocket squares and bespoke tailoring, always in impeccable Italian. This would be Franco Sarto himself.

Mr. Sarto easily understood that shoes and fashion were to be his life’s work. He was born in 1949 in Dolo, in the outskirts of Venice. An apprentice craftsman by age 14, Mr. Sarto sought work in a shoe factory where he sat on a stool, hand-lasting shoes with hammer and nail. By his early twenties, he moved to Stra—the epicenter of Italian shoe design— and opened a design studio. By 1990, he was able to launch his namesake line.

His success came as no surprise. Mr. Sarto’s exquisite designs featured effortlessly elegant lines and sumptuous leathers, which discerning women sought to fill their busy lives. His shoes spoke of confidence and ease, and a life well lived. His following grew as the brand began to expand and meet the needs of savvy, fashionable women everywhere.

In 2015, Mr. Sarto debuted a premiere collection for his most discerning customers. Simply called Sarto, it is a beautifully curated selection of fine footwear, mixing effortless style with a modern Italian sensibility. Available at exclusive outlets, Sarto offers every woman a chance to feel as if she is slipping on a piece of Italy.

It is Mr. Sarto’s start as a cobbler and his vision as a designer that made him a rarity in the business: he designed his shoes both with the skill of a craftsman and the passion of an artist. His effortless style carries through in every shoe that bears his name, and continues to enchant women around the world. His shoes are, in a word, bella!