The Art of Movement has begun.

This is Flexa: where Italian craftsmanship meets fashion innovation. Styles so dramatically stretch-worthy that we commissioned PHYSICAL POETRY ARTIST ERIKA LEMAY to put them to the test in an artful commission that defies gravity and human possibility.

Fashion Flex

Contour, form, and flex like you’ve never felt before

Artisanal Cushion

Expert artisans stitch 7 mm of luxurious foam directly into each shoe’s sock for cloud-like cushioning

Italian Design

Inspired by historic Italian shoemaking techniques originating from Bologna


A commission by Erika Lemay, Iconic Aerialist and Founder of Physical Poetry, Author of “Almost Perfect”.



How important is flexibility to your art form? How do you perfect your flexibility?


Flexibility removes constraints, and it is indeed essential. Still, it is not an end, just a possibility to convey the skills that take strength and agility thanks to decades of perfecting my craft. Flexibility requires consistency and patience.



What do you want people to feel when they watch you perform?


The most important is for them to FEEL. Art has the power to open emotional gates in human beings; I see it as a selfless act. I would not want to dictate, but to facilitate this freedom of feeling with my performances.



How do the boots feel as you performed this commission?


The Flexa boots look like fancy shoes, but the way they are built and the cushioning inside make them feel like the most comfortable sport shoes. Having a soft spot for high heels and walking very long distances is no longer a problem for me.



How do you interpret precision in design and the intersection of art & style?


Ultimately, details don't lie. When I tried on the Flexa boots and started moving in the air, it felt like a second skin. They are so flexible and allow for full ankle movement where the shoe would usually restrict me.



What inspired your book Almost Perfect? Is perfection achievable?


Perfection should not be a coveted destination but an eternal direction. Improvement has no boundaries. Perfecting your craft endlessly is healthy but perfectionism isn't.