My Earliest Memories

My home seems to always have the scent of leather with shoes in different states of completion in the study, where I watch my father and mother handcrafting prototypes for the many Italian ateliers in my village. I come from artisan parents who taught me the art of shoemaking.

Perfecting my technical craft studying in Milan, I returned home to the family business. One evening my father said to me, "If you stay with me, you will only learn what I know, go." I did, instilled with the passion for the craft he gave me and appreciation for the gift of his wisdom.

I draw each shoe with the vision of the woman wearing it and the world she will wear it in. An intentional design that keeps things simple with an understanding that while I may create the shoe, it is the women who wears it that creates the style. Art, form, sculpture, and purpose considered in every sketch, heel shape, and material intimately selected for each style.

For me, the goal is very clear. I desire each woman to love the shoe as much as I love making shoes. It does not get simpler than that.

Shoes Are My World.

There Is Nothing I Would Rather Be Doing.