For Spring 24 we travel to TURIN, the birthplace of the Italian resurgence. Rich in art and culture, today it is an innovation hub of Italian industry and is Gionata’s inspiration for the Spring 2024 collection.

The Royal Gardens, known to locals as the green heart, hold a cherished place in Turin’s rich heritage. Dating back to the 16th century, they continue to thrive and flourish elegantly today. Characterized by beautiful lines and intricate geometric patterns, this vast landmark serves as an endless source of inspiration.

The EDA was created with the vision of strolling along this picturesque venue in classic style. 

Turin's identity is deeply intertwined with its exceptional museums. The city is a melting pot of artistic and cultural richness, where contemporary meets classical. There is something new to discover around every corner.

Life imitates art with the ELLIS sandal. Artfully crafted with elegant lines and intricate gold details, this silhouette embodies the beauty of Italian artisanry. 

The architecture of Turin is a vivid narrative, making the city into a living artwork that continuously enchants and inspires. Its streets are a showcase of diverse architectural styles ranging from Baroque to Neoclassical and beyond. As one wanders through Turin the city becomes a captivating journey of exploration.

Classic and elevated, the TREMONT espadrille loafer hybrid draws inspiration from the high elegant arches and softer angles with its round toe and raffia platform. This silhouette was crafted to make a statement. 

Piazza San Carlo stands in the center of Turin, embodying the essence of the city. It acts as a central hub, seamlessly blending the elegance of classical architecture and the rich history with the dynamic and evolving cultural life of a bustling city. Seamlessly transition from day to night in simple yet refined style.

The VANA effortlessly embodies the essence of Turin. Intentionally designed for a passeggiata and getting lost in the dreamlike atmosphere before aperitivo hour.