We choose to make it simple. Make it sincere. Make it matter. There is an art to that. The pursuit of our Italian heritage is the mirror we hold up to every shoe we create. From the origins of our namesake designer, a Venice cobbler from the age of 14, to the hands of our creative visionary Gionata Pagni lies a simple design ethos: the belief that timelessness is everything and intentional design is equal parts shoe, the woman who wears it, and the world she wears it in. 

Craftsmen taught by the hands of Italian masters before them. It was Venice 1990 when our namesake designer Franco Sarto brought the first of his many carefully considered collections to America. Perfectly constructed, each designed by hand in his Venice studio, Franco set the standard with his understanding that the most timeless objects are at once artful and useful. Creative visionary Gionata Pagni builds on this vision with each style, each story that unfolds through his creative lens. From his first sketch to every hand selected leather, making our shoes stand up and stand out because of how they are both designed and made is essential. This balance of quality and beauty in the creation of new classics is what drives us every day.





Our kind of classic is designed to be worn. Born of simplicity but never plain. Shoes designed to be loved and lived in. To stand up and stand out. It starts with design, the choice of leather, stripping away excess and keeping our eye on what inspires the process, not complicating it.


It starts with design. The first sketch. The choice of leather. The idea that something becomes a classic because it has a clear voice.


Inspired hands create inspired shoes. It’s honesty in how we do it, the appreciation of materials, and how they shape a world made around the foot.


It’s our constant—from quality of materials, our diversity of creative output to the world of style, and our culture that believes in equality, kindness, inclusivity and always … the art of everything.